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Sports Massage


What is Sports Massage?

Sports Massage is the manipulation of soft tissue to enhance the function and promote relaxation, stimulation, or rehabilitation of the body. Using professional massage techniques that have been developed over thousands of years, from ancient China to the present day, massage has been used to promote and restore health and overall well-being.


A thorough understanding of anatomy and the interaction between bone, joints, and muscle is essential. Massage treats the whole person, mind, body, and spirit, not just muscle.


We are amazing and we ask so much from our bodies, from the less active to the professional sports person and whatever your age, everyone will benefit from massage. Whether it’s regular treatments to keep you in tip-top condition, for an ongoing problem, or just once in a while as a treat.

How can it help?

If you can relate to any of the following, sports massage may be the solution for you.


Massage benefits not only your muscles, but also your whole body and mind, by the power of touch and movement. There are so many benefits, listed below are a few important ones:

What To Expect



Your first appointment starts with an initial consultation where we will discuss how you’re feeling, any problems you may have and your medical history.

Sports massage is safe for most people, however for some medical conditions I may ask you to consult your GP to ensure that massage is suitable.  If you have any pre-existing medical conditions please let me know when booking your first appointment.

Your massage will be tailored to you and your requirements, using a range of techniques to suit.  I will talk this through with you prior to treatment and once you are happy and your questions answered, I will leave you to prepare.



You will undress to your underwear and lie on the massage table with a towel over you.  You will be covered throughout your treatment and only the areas I am working on at that time will be exposed.  This is to keep you warm and protect your modesty.

I do encourage all my clients to work with me, tell me how you are feeling and if at any time you feel any discomfort, after all this is your massage and you should enjoy it.

Following treatment I will leave you to dress in private.


After Care

After the treatment, if appropriate, I will suggest stretching exercises and home care advice to help you get the most from your massage.


Reach out now to schedule your session


Reach out now to schedule your session



I can’t recommend Julia enough. She is extremely knowledgeable and works wonders on my neck and shoulders where I seem to get knots upon knots. She has also been a massive help with a lower back problem because she noticed it was my tight hamstrings that were the problem. Julia is also very flexible with timings, having a couple of evening clinics, which does make it easier to get to see her at times. I’m not sure I’d say I enjoy it sometimes, but the results have been amazing!! Thank you Julia.
Spends time getting to know you, so she can treat you correctly. Always polite and friendly. Would recommend her happily.
Whenever I feel broken Julia is able to fix me. Calming space and good deep massage.
Very professional, definitely making another booking.
Very good therapist. Highly recommend

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